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Vogue Biggest Problem Yet!

Growing up, my dream job was to work at Vogue. I didn’t care if that meant being a writer, editor, or even an assistant. Working at Vogue for even a year can open up amazing opportunities for anyone who wants a stable career in the industry. It’s a dream job for many.

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Fall Outfit Ideas For School and College!

Fall is my favorite season for fashion; we have fashion week, the ability to hide behind cute coats, an excuse to buy said cute coats, more occasions to wear our favorite boots, etc. What can I say? Fall is the perfect season to pretend you’re an off brand Carrie Bradshaw. Another thing that fall brings […]

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Fashion Books All Fashion Lovers Must Read!

If you’ve already finished our last reading list and were wondering; “What do I read now?”. I’ve got you covered. Or if you simply just want a new list of books to buy and forget to read, I’ve also got you covered. 1. DV by Diana Vreeland ‘DV’ is a fun, elegant book to read […]

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