Send Me Your Ideas!

I’m aware that writer’s block is natural and happens to everyone. “Not every idea is going to be your best” is something I’ve heard a thousand times. I know it’s true. It’s just that my ideas for this website have been especially dry lately. This is where you come in. Send me your ideas. Or […]

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Fashion Books All Fashion Lovers Must Read!

If you’ve already finished our last reading list and were wondering; “What do I read now?”. I’ve got you covered. Or if you simply just want a new list of books to buy and forget to read, I’ve also got you covered. 1. DV by Diana Vreeland ‘DV’ is a fun, elegant book to read […]

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Lockscreens For Girl In Couture Readers!

Every season I always feel the need to change my lockscreen on my phone. It’s a weird habit of mine, but it makes me feel more ready for whatever changes are ahead. I figured that some people might feel the same in that aspect or just want a new lockscreeen regardless, so I made some […]

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