Why I have not been posting lately..

Girl In Couture is dead.

Girl in Couture was a social experiment conducted by Harvard. Thank you for your time.

Just kidding.

But truthfully, Girl In Couture is dead. Girl in Couture just started as an outlet for my writing and my weird (but extensive) knowledge of fashion. I’ve really enjoyed writing for this website. It’s allowed me to practice my consistency as a writer and gain experience.

However, I’m not going to continue writing for Girl In Couture for a couple of reasons: WordPress is kinda expensive, I feel like I’m limiting myself by just writing about the high fashion world, and I want to grow my writing career. I do want to make one thing very clear; I truly, truly, truly appreciate any and all support that was sent my way. From small dms to comments. It was so sweet and I can’t thank those people enough.

If you liked my writing (and I hope you did), you can follow my more personal/writer social media. I’m still going to be posting on the girl in couture twitter and instagram account – don’t worry about that.

Personal/writer social media:

  1. twitter.com/kerrymichellee

Girl In Couture accounts:

1. Twitter.com/girlincouture

2. Instagram.com/girlincouture


Writer. Obviously.

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