Vogue Biggest Problem Yet!

Growing up, my dream job was to work at Vogue. I didn’t care if that meant being a writer, editor, or even an assistant. Working at Vogue for even a year can open up amazing opportunities for anyone who wants a stable career in the industry. It’s a dream job for many.

But like most dreams, it’s reality doesn’t really match up. Vogue may still be a dream job for many that can open up a lot of opportunities, but is it really worth it? I was on Twitter when I saw this tweet that ‘exposed‘ a different angle of Vogue that many of us didn’t really think of.

While it’s true that you can’t believe everything you read online, something tells me she’s not lying. After doing some research, I’ve found out the average salary is – roughly – 27k to 75k depending on your specific job. Which is crazy. Vogue is a highly respected magazine and it’s sort of expected that their employees are these stylish, sophisticated, New York socialites. I know damn well they are not stylish, sophisticated, New York socialites under that salary.

The biggest problem with Vogue‘s low pay rate is that it limit’s their diversity and it shows. Most people apply to jobs because they need food and shelter. It’s a standard practice. Some people try to apply to jobs in field they enjoy so that the work process is enjoyable for them. Most people can’t afford to have a job just for fun. Unless you’ve got a trust fund, you have to find some way to make some cash in order to survive.

Vogue having an unrealistic pay rate is pretty much guaranteeing that the only people who are going to work for Vogue are trust fund babies, bored rich kids, and the desperate. It limit’s Vogue‘s creative capabilities since they will most likely have one type of employee. I’m not saying trust fund babies aren’t talented and successful in their own right. They’re are plenty of people who came from money that have just as much talent and creativity as anyone else. I’m just saying Vogue‘s lack of creativity, unoriginal covers, and celebrity centric articles are starting to make sense.

Vogue is an iconic magazine with a huge legacy that deserves respect and admiration, but so do the employees that work for Vogue. Limiting Vogue‘s employee range is only doing a disservice to the magazine. It comes off very tone-deaf and ignorant for such a “feminist” magazine.

What do you think?

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