Send Me Your Ideas!

I’m aware that writer’s block is natural and happens to everyone. “Not every idea is going to be your best” is something I’ve heard a thousand times. I know it’s true. It’s just that my ideas for this website have been especially dry lately.

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This is where you come in.

Send me your ideas. Or suggestions. Or literally anything. If there is topic, that I haven’t covered already, that you’re interested in: tell me. I would love to hear it.

There are a million ways to reach me. There is a contact page on and I respond back pretty quickly. I have an instagram and a twitter too, I’m pretty good at responding back quickly. If you prefer to remain anonymous, I have a curious cat too. I’m kinda bad at checking messages there, but I usually respond in a day or two.

Tell me what you want to see. Do you want to see more about my life and myself? Do you want more historical fashion posts? Do you want more interviews? Let me know.

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