How to Make Your Own Manifestation Mood Board for 2020!

One of my new favorite things to do before a new year is to make a manifestation mood board. A manifestation mood board, for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, is a collage of pictures that represent your goals, aspirations, manifestations, etc that you keep around to keep yourself motivated. I’ve only just started to do at the start of 2019 and I’m obsessed with the results.

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Compared to 2018, I felt more consistent motivation when it came to my goals for that year. Seeing my goals visually represented was beyond helpful. It kept me constantly reminded of my end goal, which – believe me – can be extremely needed on some days more than others.

I created three mood boards: one for my phone, one for my wall, and one for the computer. They and looked different and had slight changes but my main goals were presented. Three might be excessive for some people but I loved it. It’s a constant reminder of what I’m working towards wherever I went. But if you just want one to start with, that works too.

Now, how do you create a manifestation mood board? It depends on which type you want to make. Do you want a digital one that you can use as a background, or one to hang on your wall only? Or both? A digital mood board involves semi decent editing skills, but its usually prettier and the images you want for it are easier to access. A physical mood board involves glue, paper, and magazines or a printer, but its usually more effective for people.

Also, before you start making your mood board, be aware of what your goals are. If you want to be better ballerina, for example, include pictures of favorite ballerina dancing. Or if you want to be a better student, you can include a Rory Gilmore quote or a picture of straight A’s.

To make a digital mood board, you’ll need:

  1. the photos you want. I recommend using pinterest, twitter or tumblr to get the best photos. Getting around 20 to 40 pictures is probably best so you can have a lot of options.
  2. an editing app. I use apps like Bazaart, Polarr Photo Editor, and Superimpose.

To make a physical mood board, you’ll need:

  1. glue, scissors, paper, etc
  2. magazines or a printer to get your images

A physical and digital mood board both usually take a while to make, so listening to you’re favorite playlist is highly recommend. Speaking of recommendations, I have more:

  • pick a color scheme. It’s not mandatory, but it usually makes the mood board prettier
  • make sure your main goals are the focus of your mood board
  • make it aesthetically pleasing to look at, it helps
  • make two different versions of each mood board you make, having extra options is beyond helpful
  • make sure that you like it. At the end of the day, this mood board is your goals and its meant to help you. So, it’s very important that just looking at it makes your heart happy

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