Five Things I’m Doing Before 2020!

As we’re approaching the end of the decade, I’ve been thinking about all the things I want to leave in 2019 and start in 2020. I’ve only started taking my new year resolutions seriously in 2019, and it ended up being a really good choice. Starting 2019 knowing what I want and making no excuses on why I can or can’t do something is probably why 2019 was such a good year for me.

To me, resolutions aren’t “I will work out twice a day and never have a lazy day” or “I will always be motivated and ambitious at all times”. They’re improvement and goals you want to make. They’re realistic while still aiming for improvement. They’re not something you give up on February just because it’s too much work. Good resolutions are ones that are doable and adjustable while still aiming for improvement. If you think you can handle a bigger goal, feel free to do so but I wouldn’t recommend it.

With that being said, I made of list of ten things I’m doing before 2020 to prepare for whatever the next year brings me. If you’re inspired by this list and decided to make your own, send me the pictures! I would love to see it!

5. Creating a 2020 manifestation mood board

The mood board I made for 2019

For those of you who don’t know, a manifestation mood board is basically a visual resolution list. It’s everything you want to accomplish but made into a collage so it’s visually pleasing and easier to visualize. It’s also really fun to make. I usually make 3: one for my wall, one for my phone background, and one for my computer background.

4. Creating a list of goals

Although a manifestation mood board seems to do the job for keeping track of goals, I still like to write a detailed list. Filled with small goals like improving grades and big goals like getting a job. It just helps me keep track of everything I want to get done.

3. Reorganizing your room

Moving some furniture around and redecorating your room is one of my favorite things to do before a new year. I spend a good amount of my time in my room and after a while, if I don’t change it around a bit, it get’s really dull to me. So I like to change my room around a bit in order to change the atmosphere and keep my room from being too boring. It’s also really helpful to have everything organized: things are easier to find and it usually makes me feel more put-together.

2. Declutter your things

Sometimes even the most organized of people end up with unnecessary things that they don’t need. This is the perfect excuse to get rid of old, useless stuff you haven’t used since 2012. Sell your old clothes, get rid of old papers, etc.

1. Take a break

2019 was a long year and you deserve to treat yourself. Buy yourself that perfume and put on a face mask. You’re worth it.

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