Classic Halloween Style Icons!

Halloween is my favorite time of the year. I would even go as far as to argue that it’s the best time of the year. It’s because of my love for Halloween, that I’ve seen pretty much every creepy movie: the bad, the classics, the so bad its funny, the amazing, and everything in between. After spending years watching those movies or even TV shows, I’ve come up with a list of iconic ‘horror’ characters with great taste in clothes.

By the time you’re reading this, it’ll be less than a week till Halloween, so you can even use this list as Halloween costume inspiration.

1. Morticia Addams – The Addams Family

Morticia Addams is one of the most iconic ‘Halloween’ characters of all time. Morticia practically popularized the black lengthy dress. I’ve always been obsessed with the long loose black treads that hang off the dress. It’s beyond timeless, it’s iconic.

2. Lily Munster – The Munsters

Lily Munster was a character on the CBS show, The Munsters. She was played by Yvonne De Carlo. Her long, drapey, lilac dress is what Halloween dreams are made of.

3. Vampira

Vampira, played by Maila Nurmi, was the host of ‘The Vampira Show.’ Vampira wore a similar dress to Morticia Addams, the only real difference is that Vampira’s dress is more lowcut. Still iconic, though.

4. Elvira

Cassandra Peterson’s character, Elvira, will forever be one of the best late 80’s style icon to me. Elvira’s costume was inspired by Vampira and Morticia Addams and Elvira’s outfit is very similar too. Except, Elvira’s costume has huge cut outs and small fabric differences.

5. Lydia Deetz – Beetlejuice

How could I make anything Halloween related without mentioning the queen of everything spooky, Winona Ryder. I couldn’t. Although Winona Ryder has plenty of amazing Halloween movies to chose from, Beetlejuice is one of my favorites. All of Lydia Deetz’s dark, goth outfits are perfect on their own, but that red dress takes the cake.

6. Wendy – Casper Meets Wendy (1998)

Nobody ever talks about this masterpiece, so I will. Every character Hilary Duff has ever played is a style icon in their own right, and this movie is proof of that. The red overalls! The red dress! The bangs! The weird, oversized red onesie! A breathtaking movie that deserved an Oscar.

7. Carrie White – Carrie (1976)

Although I loved the 2013 remake, the Sissy Spaceks’ Carrie is my personal favorite – especially in the fashion department. Even though Carrie White’s story is sad, her prom dress is gorgeous! The baby pink, satin dress is so sweet and simple.

8. Nancy – The Craft (1996)

To be fair, all of the girls from The Craft are style icons in their own right, but Nancy’s 90s goth style is a personal favorite of mine. Her limitless collection of chokers and black leather is inspirational.

9. Jennifer – I Married A Witch (1942)

I Married A Witch is my favorite Veronica Lake movie. Although, its a little old – it still holds up. All of Jennifer’s outfits are timeless, but her black lace dress is art. It’s so breathtaking and gorgeous.

10. Wednesday Addams – The Addams Family

Wednesday Addams was my childhood style icon, and she still is my style icon to this day. The black and white collard dress is practically trademarked by Wednesday Addams. Wednesday’s simplistic dark style is ageless and I will forever be obsessed.

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