Should Emma Chamberlain Be Invited to Fashion Events?

EVER since YouTube started to grow as a legitimate platform in 2005, it’s stars – whether that be Shane Dawson, Zoella, Tana Mongeau, etc – have been given bigger and better opportunities in the mainstream media. Which makes sense. YouTube is a business that makes money. Why not let other business take advantage of money that could be made?

However, there has been a growing concern about letting these social media stars into high fashion events. Specifically if Emma Chamberlain should be invited.

Earlier this year, then 17-year-old Youtuber Emma Chamberlain got invited to Paris Fashion Week by Louis Vuitton. It immediately created a controversy over whether she should be there or if she was taking someone else’s spot.

As much as I would love to say: “Leave Emma alone. She deserves to be there!” That would be lie. She doesn’t. 75% of the bloggers, YouTubers, ex-vine stars, etc don’t either. Majority of them don’t have any connection to high fashion and it’s beyond me why they’re there. It’s simple enough, don’t invite people who don’t have a connection to fashion.

From that standpoint, I understand the backlash Emma Chamberlain is getting. What I don’t understand is the amount of backlash Emma Chamberlain is getting.

Emma Chamberlain was 17 at the time and was sent death threats for taking an opportunity anyone would have taken. It was a trip to Paris and the ability to go to fashion week. Plenty of people would die for an opportunity like that. Including myself.

Emma Chamberlain isn’t the first person to be invited to fashion week when they have no fashion experience. Nor will she be the last.

Shay Mitchell, Victoria Justice and Holland Roden, 2011.

Shay Mitchell, Victoria Justice, and Holland Roden were all invited to fashion week in 2011. Despite the fact that none of them have any real connection to fashion. They were just popular TV actresses in 2011. Designers knew that it would get their collection more media attention, therefore they were invited.

In that sense, Shay Mitchell, Victoria Justice, and Holland Roden getting invited to fashion week is no different than Emma Chamberlain getting invited. The only difference is that TV actress fame respected and Social Media fame is easier to look down upon.

More recently, Emma Chamberlain has done two videos with Vogue. Which, as you can imagine, got amazing feedback.

One of Emma Chamberlain’s videos for Vogue.

As previously stated, I agree with the fact that Emma Chamberlain shouldn’t be there. However, let’s not make Emma Chamberlain feel responsible for the lack of a backbone and clear vision Vogue has (and all major fashion brands/companies, too.) when they’ve been pandering for a while.

(I’ve explain all of Vogue’s problems in this article, if you’re curious.)

Vogue literally did ‘73 Questions with Tony Hawk‘, and you’re surprised they’re working with Emma Chamberlain?

I think Vogue and Louis Vuitton should be working with people have a following in the fashion world. I think it’s unfair to a lot of fashion bloggers that Emma Chamberlain gets these opportunities instead of them. I also think its unfair to blame the fall of fashion marketing on a barley eighteen year old girl. But that’s just me.

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