8 Unproblematic Fashion/Beauty Youtubers to Watch!

In this day and age where fame is a prize and people will do anything to win, everyone is problematic and more than willing to do what they can to cause drama. Drama = views = money. I get it. Youtube is a job and everyone want a promotion with a raise. Fair enough.

However, for the rest of us who are bored of the overrated drama and problematic history, I have some channel recommendations. Almost all of these channels are medium to small. They don’t have a problematic past – that i’m aware of – and they all bring something new/creative to the table.

8. SweetEmelyne’s – 170k+ subscribers

Emelyne is a youtuber whose channel consists of cute, vintage videos. It’s beyond adorable and her content is unmatched. She has videos about testing out old Hollywood stars, like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, diets/lifestyle tips and baking videos. She even did one on Marie Antoinette inspired cakes.

7. Jessica Vill – 190k+ subcribers

Although she’s mostly known for her extremely impressive and mind blowing transformations on her main channel ‘Jbunzie‘, I personally love her side channel. Her side channel not only gives us a personal look into her life, it also showcases her love for vintage things. Which is entertaining even if you don’t absolutely adore vintage things.

6. dianachamomile – 107k+ subscribers

Diana Chamomile has one of the prettiest channel I’ve seen on YouTube. Her thumbnails alone are art. Regardless, her content is a relaxing yet entertaining daydream. My favorite videos of her are ‘NYC Summer Thrift Haul & Lookbook‘ and ‘FALL ROOM MAKEOVER 🍂 Under $300 Budget!‘.

5. Amber Scholl – 3.03m+

I know that Amber Scholl isn’t a ‘small creator’ by any means, but I love her content too much to not include her. Amber Scholl is such a positive, joyful person and its hard to be in a bad mood after watching her videos. Also, her ‘extra’ style is fabulous and her ‘broke bitch tips’ surprisingly work well and are actually realistic. We love to see it. My personal favorite video of hers is ‘MY SUGAR DADDY DIED: THE LOOKBOOK‘ – a literal icon.

4. The Ultimate Fashion History – 39k+ subscribers

Created by college professor, Amanda Hallay, who – in her words – specializes in fashion, costume, and cultural history. Hallay does in-depth analysis videos on fashion history and is probably one of the best/most underrated fashion history channel on YouTube.

3. Lisa Eldridge – 1.94m+ subscribers

Lisa Eldridge is a professional makeup artist who works with many celebrities, models, popular magazines, and brands. So not only is she a professional makeup artist with experience, she also doesn’t work with sponsored content or paid product endorsement. She says that she only uses brands that she likes. If that isn’t enough of reason to subscribe – I don’t know what is.

2. Jessica Vu – 930k+ subscribers

Jessica Vu is one of my favorite beauty gurus at the moment. She has one of the most aesthetically pleasing makeup videos out there. Everything is always so pleasing to watch. Also, Jessica’s concepts are so sweet and fun to watch. My favorite videos of Jessica Vu are her ‘Golden Peach Summer Makeup‘ and ‘ETHEREAL MAKEUP + Pat McGrath Foundation‘.

1. StealTheSpotlight – 300k+ subscribers

Last but not least, StealTheSpotlight. StealTheSpotlight is a fashion channel created by Katie Orlowski. Katie is probably one of the most creative YouTuber out there. Her video ideas and concepts are almost always unique and done to perfection. I’m obsessed with her channel. My favorite video of StealTheSpotlight is her ‘Early 2000’s Fashion Dressing like a Bratz Doll!‘.

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