Fall Outfit Ideas For School and College!

Fall is my favorite season for fashion; we have fashion week, the ability to hide behind cute coats, an excuse to buy said cute coats, more occasions to wear our favorite boots, etc. What can I say? Fall is the perfect season to pretend you’re an off brand Carrie Bradshaw. Another thing that fall brings – for most of us – is the return of school. (It’s already October, so I would assume most of us are already back in class.)

Whether you like school or don’t, most of us can agree it’s a great opportunity to learn, socialize with kids around your age, and show off cute outfits – unless you’re like me and your school has the dumbest uniform policy on earth. A lot of us (ME!) also love to look at back to school lookbooks for inspiration and pretend we’re actually going to wear those outfits when we probably won’t. Let’s be honest with ourselves, putting on 8 layers of Blair Waldorf early in the morning isn’t realistic most of the time.

If you have the time and energy to be very put together and super stylish all the time, I commend you. You’re my role model. However, most of us all have a lazy day – or week – where nothing seems to fit and everything seems to exhaust you. I have put together some fashion mood boards that I usually use for outfit inspiration on said lazy days.

(Also thanks to the Anon on curious cat for giving me the suggestion! If you have any suggestions for future posts you wanna see, all of my social media is below! Tweet me, dm me, I don’t bite.)

1. ‘Cardigan Shirt’

Every since I saw Lily-Rose Depp wear a cardigan as a shirt I’ve been obsessed with the concept. It’s cute, simple, and easy to pull off. Cardigans are also super easy to find if you don’t already own one. They’re usually pretty cheap too.

My cardigan recommendations:

2. The Olsen Twin Effect

This is called the Olsen twin effect because they literally invented the ‘oversized jacket, oversized coffee, oversized sunglasses’ style and I’m so grateful to them. An oversized jacket or a simple trench coat is one of the best fashion investments you can make. You could be wearing you’re oldest pair of jeans and you’re last clean shirt, but it looks semi-stylish behind a huge, gorgeous jacket. It’s science.

My oversized jacket recommendations:

3. Oversized Blazers

Speaking of oversized coats, buy an oversized blazer. Not only can you hide behind a oversized blazer AND look stylish, you also look like a CEO off duty. Also a scientific fact.

My oversized blazer recommendations:

4. Sweater and Midi Skirt Pairing

In case you haven’t noticed, all of summer 2019 midi skirt were such a huge trend. Everyone wore a midi skirt with a cami top – it was a thing. And honestly it was one of the best trends of that summer. So why get rid of such a good trend just because of the season – keep the skirt, add a sweater.

My midi skirt recommendations:

5. The ‘Basic’ Outfit

Sometimes it’s okay to be a little basic and boring. I love fashion to the point that I make every occasion an opportunity to show off a cute outfit. It’s just my things. However, everyone has off days and that’s fine. Here’s a collage of a ton of stylish people being a little basic that helps remind myself to have an off day sometimes, and those off days can be stylish too.

I’m not going to link any recommendations for this. Chances are 97% of the people reading this already have jeans and a t-shirt, but if you don’t check out old navy or something.

6. A Minimalistic Blair Waldorf

For those that want a last minute put together outfit, get a good skirt. A skirt can make an outfit look simple yet sweet. It’s a classic outfit that’s a perfect last minute decision.

My skirt recommendations:







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