My Fashion Essentials!

I think everyone has – or should have – those small pieces in their wardrobe that they can’t live without. It’s those small pieces that you can wear on a lazy Sunday or you use them to layer on with a cute jacket you’re not sure how to style yet. For me, my essentials are the clothes that I wear when I have nothing else to wear.

After all, it’s important to have those simple pieces, especially for those days when you have no outfit inspiration. Since this topic won the poll (follow @GlCBLOG on twitter to participate in future polls), I’m giving the people what they want this week. If you have any further questions, all of my social medias are linked below.


1. Those classic jeans. Every ‘fashion influencer’ and all the french girls that go on Vogue every 6 months have already said this, but its true. Finding a good pair of jeans that fit you perfectly is an underrated art. Right now, I think straight legged jeans are so perfect for the transition into fall weather.

2. White button up shirts. There is so much you can do with a white button up shirt. Perfect medicine to day where nothing seems to fit.

3. Floral dresses. Those cute mini floral dresses that have been on everyone’s Instagram feed are such an essential. They go with everything and can be worn almost everywhere; casual or even semi-formal. They’re also easily found almost everywhere so that’s also a plus.

4. Your go-to-purse. Currently, mine is this cute floral, blue purse my aunt got me a few years ago. It’s very simple and goes with everything. I can not stress how important a basic purse is to have on the go. The type of purse that you can grab and not worry if it matches with your outfit – a daydream.

5. Black Flats. I’m honestly convinced black flats make any outfit look put-together. A white shirt with jean and sneakers – boring, looks like a last minute grab. A white shirt with jeans and black flats – iconic, Victoria Beckham vibes. Its a conspiracy.

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