Things I Don’t Want In The Gossip Girl Reboot!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, it was recently revealed late July that HBO ordered a 10-episode reboot of Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl was a popular show that ran from 2007-2012. To summarize, it was about a ton of rich kids who lived in New York and backstabbed each other repeatedly.

The news of the reboot gave me a ton of mixed feelings. Half of me was excited to see the show I love come back. The other half of me was thinking about all the original ideas Hollywood continues to ignore. Regardless, it got me thinking about what aspects of Gossip Girl they’ll change and what they’ll keep. And through that I started thinking about all the things I hope they change. So, HBO executive producers, listen the fuck up.

1.) Chuck’s Rapist Habits

Chuck literally tried to rape Jenny in the first episode and that was completely forgotten. This is proof CW has been on crack long before Riverdale. It also doesn’t help that Ed Westwick had rape allegations in real life. They should either write this out or make Chuck the villain.

2.) Dan Ending Up As Gossip Girl

It made no sense. If they want to keep him as gossip girl they should make it make sense: have subtle clues, a better motive, etc. Or better yet, make Dorota gossip girl. Even Vanessa as gossip girl would have made more sense.

3.) The Majority of Nate’s storyline

Nate was such a good character but he was given the most boring storylines ever. It’s like he had the same 3 storylines recycled each season. It was either ‘I love [insert brunette] but I’m in love with [insert blonde]’ or ‘Wow, who’s mother should I date this week? Blair’s?’ or something with his dad. It got dull after a while. Nate deserved better writing.

4.) Jenny’s Goth Phase

Look, I get that Taylor Momsen was changing her style behind the scenes but I still don’t get why that had to affect Jenny’s style. It’s was out of character for Jenny to go from a Blair lookalike to a more dark and bold style.

5.) The Majority of Serena’s Storyline

Like Nate, Serena was also a victim of bad writing. She got mad at Blair for being insecure but not at her boyfriend for stalking her since freshman year? CW, please explain. I just wish they gave Serena more storylines outside of Dan and dating. They literally had Blake Lively for 5 years and wasted it.

6.) Let Blair Survive Without A Man!

Whenever Blair went through something they had her depend on some dude. For example; after her wedding, she started dating Dan. It made her look very unhealthily dependent. I just wish they let Blair deal with her problems and be single at the same time. It’s possible, CW.

7.) Vanessa Abrams

She was annoying and so unnecessary. She was obsessed with Dan and Blair for no reason. Her motives were all over the place and she wasn’t that likable. Which sucks because I’ve heard that her book version was more likable and cooler.

8.) Chuck Bass’s Personality

I know I’m going to be dragged by all the chair stans, but even you guys know I’m right. I feel like a lot of writers on teen shows mistake ‘bad boys’ for abusive assholes. Chuck deadass sold Blair for a fucking hotel and you want me to turn the other cheek? I love crackhead-y plots, but you can’t have a character do that and want the audience to root for him too.

9.) Let Blair Grow Up!

Once again, I well aware I’m going to get dragged by Blair Waldorf stans. We all know that Blair carried the show at times, but Blair was also annoyingly immature at times. Serena and Jenny would breathe and Blair would try to ruin their life. What’s worse is that Blair was never really confronted with this and her only ‘growth’ was that she started to blackmail people less.

10.) Lack of Diversity

They all lived in New York and you’re telling me they were all white. Sure, Jan.

If you have some more things you hope they change in the Gossip Girl reboot, tweet me them!

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