Three Styles To Try Out This Fall!

Fall has always been my favorite season, especially for fashion. I think you can have more fun with fashion during the fall: the layers, darker colors, more textures, and a extra treat of not having to worry if you’re going to sweat to death in your new cute jacket.

Since fall is my favorite fashion season (on and off the runway), I’ve been keeping note of future fall trends. I’ve come up with 3 styles that will probably be very prominent in the fall. Maybe you can use this as inspiration for your own fall looks. I will.

1. School Girl Chic

As of lately, I’ve been seeing so many school girl inspired outfits. Also, for those who are still in school like myself, think of this as a fashion silver lining. Yes, we have to drown and school work and deal with people we don’t like, but we also get to embrace our inner Britney Spears. Sounds fair to me. Also, for those who are a little older but still want to embrace the school girl atire, you could always mirror the outfits on the bottom right corner.

Usually these outfits consist of:

  • collard shirts
  • classic, plain colors (ex: navy blue, white, etc)
  • little to no jewelry
  • layers
  • black heels or Mary Janes with white socks
  • either a patterned jacket or a bold colored jacket

2. The Classic Style

This style usually appears every fall, but the classics never go out of style anyways. This style is my favorite and it’s the easiest to pull off. It makes you look put together even if you didn’t put much effort into your outfit.

These outfits usually consist of:

  • slightly over-sized sweaters
  • a classic black dress
  • sunglasses (not for the weather, just for the outfit.)
  • lace (works best when layered.)
  • tights
  • beige or navy jackets
  • a simple black purse

3. The Trends Of Fall 2019

If you have a more trendy, chameleon sense of style: this is perfect for you. This style isn’t necessarily a style, but more of a roundup of similar trends I’ve been seeing on the runway. This year, I have been seeing more bold colors and striking fabrics and patterns, which is always welcomed.

Trends for fall 2019:

  • Florals
  • bright or neon colored suits
  • oversized jackets
  • houndstooth
  • light colored boots

I hoped this helped spark some ideas for future falls outfits. If they did, share and like this article.

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