Update Post! ✨

Dear Girl In Couture readers,

In case you haven’t noticed, every Wednesday and Sunday I have been putting out articles all summer long. It has been so fun and creatively fulfilling for me. I hope it has been just as fun to read too. Unfortunately, I have school coming up soon. This year, I’m a junior. Which means I have to put in some effort into my grades and be hyper aware of my academic situation. Which also means I won’t be able to put out as many articles.

From now on, it will just be one article every Sunday for a while. I want to see how my schedule is and what my year will be like before I decide to see if I have enough time for two articles per week. If something in my schedule changes, I might continue doing two articles per week. Who knows! But for now, it’s just one article every Sunday. Thank you for understanding. Also, if you have suggestions for future articles please tweet me or message me on any social media site!

Here is what you can look forward to for the rest of August!

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