How Girl In Couture Came To Be!

I figured I never properly introduced Girl In Couture or why I even started this blog. Well better late than never.

I’ve loved fashion since I was a kid. I’ve grown up watching those cheesy fashion reality shows and staring at the window shops of Chanel and Dior when I saw the shops in the mall. As I grew up, I grew a love of writing. Writing became a best friend to me, it was a way I could express myself fully in a way I have never done before.

The idea to start a blog has been a goal of mine for years, and I mean years. When I was 11 or 12, I started reading Rookie Magazine which was created by Tavi Gevinson. (I was a huge fan of Rowan Blanchard and through her I discovered Rookie Magazine.) Through watching interviews of Tavi, I found out she started a fashion blog before Rookie at 12. It was very inspirational to me. However, unlike Tavi, I wasn’t in the position to start a blog yet. I felt way too inexperienced.

This is really embarrassing, but this is my diary entry from January 1st, 2015. And yes, my dumbass somehow managed to misspell celeb. I will not be accepting questions at this time.

Over time, my desire to start a blog took a backseat in my life. I think I kinda forgot after a while. Anyway, skip to June, 2018. I had a tough school year and during the summer I just wanted to avoid everyone, which is why I created a twitter account. It was a fun little outlet for my love of fashion and it was finally a place where I could meet people that liked fashion, too.

I’m really glad I started that account. Slowly, hf twitter reminded me how much I loved fashion and how much joy it brought me. Yes, hf twitter can be toxic and ridiculous at time, but it really was good for me at the time. While sophomore year became easier, I kept up with my account and started to grow to a decent size. In December 2018, I was looking through my older diaries. I guess I was feeling nostalgic. Regardless, I came across my New Year 2015 resolutions. Every year I make a list of resolutions, and only in the past 3 years I have actually followed through. The first goal written was to ‘Get a fashion blog.’ It kinda reminded me of how much I did want to create a blog, and I ended up spending the whole night watching YouTube videos of fashion bloggers: from Tavi Gevinson interviews to Alexa Chung interviewing Leandra Medine. From that I finally got the confidence to create a blog. If not now, never.

I did as much research as possible. I read article after article. If I was going to create a blog after years of stalling, I was going to do it right. I looked at blogs I enjoyed and saw patterns between them. They all had another account for their blog to update readers without clogging their own feed, a aesthetically pleasing feed, and good education on marketing. I tried to find as many sources as I could to have a balanced view on fashion blogs.

Once I felt comfortable enough, I created the blog ‘Miss Haute Couture’, which is so much dumber than I thought it was at the time. But, during that time, I posted my first article ‘Ye-Ye Girl Style’. Luckily for me, I got a lot of positive feedback. It was really nice to hear nice compliments about my writing.

The original name didn’t sit well with me. ‘Miss Haute Couture’ sounded too gimmicky. I knew I wanted couture in the name since couture is one of my favorite parts of fashion. In a split second, the name ‘Girl In Couture’ just came into my mind. I checked on all social medias to see if anyone had the username. No one did. So I immediately made it my username. Girl In Couture just felt right and I loved the name from the start. The rest is history.

I wrote this article to just clarify some things regarding the start of Girl In Couture. It has come to my attention that some fellow small blog seem to think I took too much inspiration from them. But the truth is, Girl In Couture is based off my own ideas, research, and slight inspiration from older blogs. I barely read ‘new’ blogs. I hope this clears things up for anyone who might think otherwise.

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