How To Manifest!

Last October, I discovered how to manifest and ever since then I have felt more ‘aligned’ to my dream future than ever before. For those of you who don’t know, manifesting is part of the belief that your mindset can change your life and evoke positive steps towards your goals. It’s part of the Law Of Attraction.

No, it’s not witchcraft. To simplify it, it’s a belief system that is based off of the idea that whatever you put out in the universe will come back at you. For example, if you think negatively about your situation such as “I’ll always be broke” or “I’ll be stuck single for the rest of my life”, you will be broke and single. But if you have more positive thoughts such as “I attract abundance and money easily”, you will have it somehow manifest in your life. It all falls under the law of attraction.

I’m not here to discuss whether it’s real or not. If you are genuinely curious, I encourage you to do your own research. In my opinion, it is.

As I’ve said earlier, I’ve only been using the law of attraction since October, 2018. Am I an expert? No. However, I do know enough and have tried enough techniques to know what works for me and hopefully others. I hope these tips are helpful to a beginner. Manifesting has brought a lot of clarity and fulfillment into my life. Am I exactly where I want to be? No. Big no. But, I’m closer than ever before and for once I feel in alignment to what I want most.

~How To Manifest~

step 1: Get really happy! It doesn’t have to be for long. All you need is to be in a good mood during manifesting. It’s called having a high vibration. It’s said that being extremely happy puts you in alignment with your ‘high self.’ So do whatever you can to get to your happiest state of mind, like dancing to your favorite song, watching your favorite comedy, etc.

step 2: Set your intention. What do you want? What do you want to achieve from manifesting? It could be a material item, a new job, a good grade at school, etc. If you’re new to manifesting, I would recommend just picking one thing to manifest first so you don’t overwhelm yourself or give the universe mixed messages. Once you decide one what you want, simply write or say ‘I am ready to receive [insert desire]’ or ‘I intend to [insert desire.]’. Try to be as specific as possible.

step 3: Visualize your desire. If your desire is to gain more money, imagine yourself opening a wallet full of cash, then imagine what you would buy or do when you receive that much money, and the emotions you would feel. Focus on the emotions specifically, it helps make your visualization more real and more likely to happen. If Visualizing doesn’t work for you, you can try scripting. Scripting is where you write down everything everything you want as if it already happened in extreme details. For example, if you wanted to manifest a job, you could write ” This morning I went to my new job at… and they told me… . I met this person at my job and they were… . I get paid… .” For the best result, I do recommend doing both but it’s up to you.

step 4: Let go. Once you finish visualizing, move on. This can be kinda hard depending how attached you are to the outcome, but in order for it to work you need to let go. You have to trust that the universe has your back. I once heard someone compare this process to waiting for an Amazon Package, and it’s completely true. When you order an amazon package, you usually don’t pay too much attention to it because you know it’s coming. It”s the same thing with your manifestation. You already ordered it, no need to worry.

step 5: Imagine you already have everything you want. This is the best part and it keeps you in alignment with your manifestation without getting attached to it. So if you manifestation was to get you dream job, act like you already have it. Dress how you would when you got that job and act how you would if you got that job. This doesn’t mean lie to people, but allow yourself to be in the state of mind you would be when you get what you manifested.

(optional) step 6: Read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It’s a more educated and long version of this post. If you want to learn more from actual experts, you should definitely read that book.

If you want to learn even more, I would highly recommend checking out the following youtubers. They explain the law of attraction in simple terminology and in a way that can be easily understood. They even go into more details about manifesting and different ways you can manifest so you can figure out which technique works best for you.

1. Leeor Alexandra : She’s my favorite law of attraction youtuber. Any question you have, she’ll probably have a video on it. A super helpful channel to beginners or people who want to learn more manifesting techniques.

2. Isabel Palacios: Isabel is a great option for those who love a cute, aesthetically pleasing youtuber. Her videos are not always centered on the law of attraction but when they are, she explains and talking about manifesting in a fun and lighthearted way that makes the law of attraction seem less overwhelming.

3. Oprah Winfrey: Oprah is not a youtuber, but it’s only a matter of time before she creates channel so I figured I’d add her so this post doesn’t age like milk. Oprah is a hardcore believer in the law of attraction. She had a whole episode on The Oprah Show about the law of attraction and why she believes in it, featuring appearances from law of attraction experts and Jim Carrey. The episode is a little dated and it isn’t the best quality but it’s perfect for those who want a simple explanation and some success stories. Here’s the link.

4. Illuminatingjoy : Illuminatingjoy is a more education and knowledgeable youtuber regarding the law of attraction. Her videos are the most detailed out of everyone on this list. I would highly recommenced for those who do want to learn more about the logic behind the law of attraction.

Final tips:

  • If you’re artist, drawing your dream future is a fun way to manifest.
  • Sometimes the universe gives us what we want through opportunities. For example, let’s say you manifested $500 dollars. A day later you might hear a friend needs help and is willing to pay you $500 or over the week you’ll find extra pocket money, get a bonus at work, and stumble upon some money randomly that added all together equals $500. You won’t magically wake up and $500 dollars fall on your face.
  • There has to effort and consistency on your end. You have to remain as positive as possible. You can have some bad days, but for the most part you need to try to remain positive. Being positive keeps you in alignment with what you want.
  • Try daily affirmations. Repeat your manifestations daily (in your head or out loud) and then move on.
  • Be grateful. When you put out a kind and grateful energy into the universe, you’re more likely to receive it back.
  • Manifest with pure intentions. If you’re just trying to manifest more money for egotistical reasons only, you’ll have really low chances of your manifestation appearing. Leeor Alexandra made a great video about ego vs pure intentions in manifesting that explains this better than I could. (Link)
  • Don’t use the law of attraction to harm someone. 1. That’s horribly wrong. 2. It most likely won’t work on them but instead it’ll happen to you.
  • Try not to use ‘want’ or ‘will’. It keeps you in a constant state of wanting. It’s best to just address your manifestations as if you already have it. (ex: “I have tickets to see __” or “I have my dream job.”)

Hopefully this was helpful to someone. If you have any personal questions feel free to dm me, tweet me, or send me a question on my curious cat.

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