Style Evolution of Boy Bands

From the identical outfits of the Beach Boys to the color coordination of One Direction to the vague outfit similarities of PrettyMuch; boy bands have had a slow but gradual style evolution of their own.

Being a celebrity, especially one in band, does make you pay attention to your image more. Some boy band members take advantage of that and play with their styles a bit. Other’s don’t. Although each band usually evolve into their own style over time, we’ll just be analyzing their debut style.

1.) The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys during their debut era.

The Beach Boys debuted in the 60s, they also popularized their very tropical style. Normally, they were spotted with tropical shirts, board shorts, or strips. It was always very clean cut and identical.

2.) The Beatles

The Beatles in the mid 60s

(Before the middle aged men start to drag me for putting The Beatles in here, they were boys in a band aka a boy band. Sorry sis, they were a boy band.) The Beatles debuted wearing identical dark and serious suits. Just like the Beach Boys, they also all wore the same thing and had a clean cut image at first.

3.) Jackson 5

Jackson 5 during their debut era.

Jackson 5 put their own twist on the identical attire. They mostly wore bright and slight loose clothes that represented the end of the quirky 60s and start of the hippie 70s. Their style, although painfully alike, came off fun and very childlike.

4.) New Kids On The Block

New Kids On The Block in the late 80s.

Unlike previous mainstream boy bands before them, they only had slight color coordination — or tried to have. Although they debuted in the late 80s, they reflected a lot of 90s grunge with sprinkles of 80s streetwear. It’s especially apparent when you noticed they mostly just wore denim and leather.

5.) Boyz II Men

Boyz II Men during their debut era.

Boyz II Men really brought back wearing the same outfit or very similar color coordination, but unlike other boy bands they didn’t over do the color. They mostly had a very 90s minimalist style and chose very mature and simple colors. However, they did occasionally have sparks of glitter.

6.) *NSYNC

*NSYNC in the mid to late 90s.

From what I could tell, there was little to no color coordination or matching. They all had a grungy sense of style but that as close as the similarities were. However, lots of leather, graphic tees, and bright colors can be expected.

7.) Backstreet Boys

The Backstreet Boys during their debut era.

At their debut, unlike *NSYNC, they were very matchy-matchy and wore similar outfits. They slowly morphed into their own styles, but for the most part they had almost identical outfits. Their lewks consisted a lot of denim, leather, velvet, and lots of vests.

8.) The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brother’s debut era.

The Jonas Brother’s style at their debut was very of it’s time. I don’t know how else to describe it other than it was very early 2000s. Unlike other boy bands, they didn’t dress alike; but they are already brothers so I don’t think they needed any more similarities. I would assume their closet consisted of mom jeans, grey suits, men scarfs, and vests at the time.

9.) Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush in the mid 2000s.

Big Time Rush had a very basic and plain style. They mostly wore similar base colors to each other. It was very underwhelming at times, I’m not sure if that was because of Nickelodeon or their team or it was their own personal choice. Regardless, they wore a lot of white, man scarfs, v-necks, and oversized blazers.

10.) One Direction

One Direction in their debut era.

The amount of color coordination they had beats all the bands prior. Everyone had their own ‘thing’ (like one would wear a blazer, one would wear suspenders, etc) but they stayed in the same color palette. It was very school boy-ish. They mostly wore polo shirts, blazers, suspenders, and stripes.

11.) Why Don’t We

Why Don’t We

For those of you who haven’t been paying too much attention to the new boy band scene like myself, Why Don’t We is a new band that started picking up fame in 2017. Anyways, they threw the color and outfit coordination out the window. They all have their own sense of style, but for the most part it’s very trendy and a reflection of 2019 style. I’ve spotted a lot of patterns and graphic tees that showcase their very laidback style.

12.) BTS


Out of all the recent boybands, BTS seems to have the most interesting style. There is some slight coordination of similar pastels, suits and denim, but they do seem to have their own imput on their outfits. It’s colorful, fun, and simple.



PRETTYMUCH has more of a similar style to Why Don’t We than to each other. They all dress in their own version of a 2019 trend. They wear a lot of hoodies, bright colors, bomber jackets, sneakers, and little to no coordination.

In conclusion, every boy band usually follows the same blueprint and it’s interesting to see the tweaks and changes each band has made to the blueprint. Obviously, I did ignore some bands. I tried to just pick the biggest or most relevant bands.

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