My Couture Fall 2019 Review!

Couture is one of my favorite parts of fashion. Hence, Girl IN couture being the name.

I think couture gives the designer the ability to have fun and be creative with fashion. Although, as of late, couture has been boring. I still have hope fashion gets out of this coma.

Regardless, I put a poll on the official Girl In Couture twitter to ask what people wanted to see. This and another topic both tied, so I’m doing both. Also, if you have any specific recommendations feel free to send them to me on girl in couture’s contact page, my twitters, my instagram, etc. All linked below.

Couture Fall 2019 Collections

Guo Pei

Credit: Vogue Runway

Like any good art, this collection makes me think and feel. I love the colors and the little roses and the dolls on the large dress. I think if anyone has done couture well in the past couple of years it’s Guo Pei.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Credit: Vogue Runway

I adore Jean Paul Gaultier, but this is like a 6/10.It’s cute, I liked the furs and the sheer triangle fabrics, but it was underwelming. To me, it didn’t feel that strong of a collection. It’s like the love child of Ready-To-Wear and Couture. Take that how you will.


Credit: Vogue Runway

The furs were cute and so were the sheer, flared out dresses, but it felt too much like a Ready-To-Wear collection if anything. I though some of the flower designs were creative but it wasn’t couture or what couture should be. You could’ve told me this was a Ready-To-Wear collection and I would’ve believed you. That’s the problem with a lot of the collection this season.


Credit: Vogue Runway

Finally, a good couture collection. I loved the vibrant, loud colors and the flower consistency over the gowns. Everything was dramatic and chaotic – the signs of a good couture collection. My personal favorite was the last purple dress on Adut Akech.

Viktor & Rolf

Credit: Vogue Runway

Normally, Viktor & Rolf are one of my favorites when it comes to couture, and after this they still are. I thought the theme of midnight, witching hour to daylight surprise was interesting and fun.

Maison Margiela

Credit: Vogue Runway

I really liked John Galliano’s designs. It was couture and he delivered. I can’t complain.I loved the gown’s mostly, but the rest was just as great.

Elie Saab

Credit: Vogue Runway

Who invited Eli Saab and told them to make a Ready-To-Wear worthy collection? It’s a cute line, don’t get me wrong. It’s just not couture.


Credit: Vogue Runway

Some people didn’t like this collection, I’m not one of those people. i liked the feathers and the black & white theme. It was dramatic where it needed to be yet kept the style of Givenchy.

Ralph & Russo

Credit: Vogue Runway

The dresses in this collection are actually gorgeous, but unfortunately this is Couture and not Ready-To-Wear.

Christian Dior

Credit: Vogue Runway

I’m tempted to buy a Ouija Board and try to contact Christian Dior just to hear his thoughts on the box dress. It was boring and dull.

Iris Van Herpen

Credit: Vogue Runway

A legend, a literal legend. Everything was unique and interesting. I loved the moving, sheer fabric. It is gorgeous and breathtaking. She DID that.


Credit: Vogue Runway

I loved it. It was fun and cool, but a bit underwhelming. I expected more, but it was good enough.

In conclusion, I think a lot designers don’t know the difference between Ready-To-Wear and Couture. Some collections were amazing, some were bad, and most were confused.

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