The 2000s Are Making A ComeBack

Everywhere you look there is some reference to the early 2000s: The Jonas Brother just got back together, Paris Hilton is doing interviews saying ‘That’s Hot’ again, The That’s So Raven Reboot Raven’s Home is a popular show for kids these day, etc.

Which got me thinking; why? What’s so special about that period of time that people grasp onto it so much? It’s easy to blame social media for this surge of unfulfilled nostalgia. Before social media, our parents and their parents never really got as nostalgic as we did. Only the occasional reboot and the problematic statement of “in my day..”. Now with social media being the easiest form of connection for my generation and the generation previously, there is a place to share something from our past and invoke the same feeling we have in a group of people.

Obviously, I have my own thoughts on the sudden nostalgia for the 2000s, but I wanted to get to know other, more educated perspective since I don’t know that much about the 2000s nostalgia. So what a girl to do? I direct messaged a ton of my favorite 2000s accounts for their opinion and thoughts. I asked them all roughly the same questions just to see if a perspective would change from account to account.

1. Why Do You Think a Lot Of People Love The Early 2000s Style and Pop Culture?

Bella.Lombardi: “I think because the 2000s were literally the most iconic and fun times for fashion, pop culture, music, tv, movies, literally everything like Britney ruled the world and people dressed super girly and how they wanted instead of all the same and the Bratz were around, it was just such an iconic era and I think people miss it so much because now everything seems kinda boring fashion/music/pop culture wise so people like me are stuck in the early 2000s.

Spoiledvenus: “I think both style and culture were far more fun than they are now. Fashion was all about mixing and matching different colors, textures and prints, and moving out of the grungy 90s era into a bolder one. Culture mixed into that too, with flip phones, walkmans and ipods practically becoming accessories. Celebrity culture was more dramatic back then as well. The fueds and scandals of the rich and famous were constantly splashed all over the tabloids; nowdays everyone seems to be groomed and styled to fit a cookie catter image, which is safe, but not as exciting, I think the nostalgia of a simpler time with more fun and less rules is what appeals to a lot of people.

Brunette2000sbitch: “I think because it was a simpler time and there were more colors and accessories involved! It was a time to really show who you are through fashion with no judgement.”

Early2000babes: “I think everyone loves the style and culture of the early 2000’s because the style was so simple but also crazy at the same time, and also there is so many iconic looks from that era! Like Britney’s denim dress and more. Also pop culture during that time was at it’s peak, there was always something going on because the celebs took risks, iconic music videos and MTV. And I feel like pop culture today is missing that wow factor that we had back in the early 2000s.”

popculturediedin2009: “When it comes to the fashion, I think they’re drawn to the color, first and foremost. A lot of bright colors. And the perceived tackiness of a lot of it adds a layer of fun.”

Blondestuckinthe2000s: “I think people love the 2000s style and culture because it truly was a different time for culture and style. I feel almost as if everything today is very manufactured when it comes to celebrities styles. Everyone has stylists who make sure they are perfect 24/7 and I truly feel as if the 2000s style/culture was one of the craziest and most unique times in pop culture which is why I and so many others love it so much.”

When Do You Think The Fun of The 2000s Ended?

Bella.Lombardi: “I think around 2009-2010 it started to die and the early 2010’s style (which was ugly) started to happen.”

Spoiledvenus: “2010 was the year the last remnant of 2000s culture died. Social Media had a lot to do with that. Suddenly images of unattainable beauty or lavish lifestyles were constantly shoved in your face, and chasing that perfection so you could present it to others, took precedence. Technology hasn’t evolved as drastically as it did throughout the 2000s either! Back then we experienced the change from flip phone to blackberry to iphone, and from walkman to discman to ipod, but for the last ten years, touchscreen phones have become the norm. As a society we’ve also become for more aware of our own faults this past decade.This awareness, cultural and political, has swept all generations, so while the ignorant bliss of the 2000s (thankfully) no longer exists, neither does the carefree lifestyle.”

Brunette2000sbitch: “2009.”

Early2000sbabes: “2008/2009”

Blondestuckinthe2000s: “I think remnants of the style/era and its impacts still remain as well as certain aspects of the style and era coming back with a modern spin..For example, Baby Phat being sold in Forever 21 again. But the style and era truly ended at the end of the decade.”

In Your Opinion, What Are The Worst and Best 2000s Style Trends?

Bella.Lombardi: “The best trends were sassy slogan tees, mini low rise skirts, the endless amounts of pinks, mini shoulder bags, juicy tracksuits and the worst trends were cropped pirate pants and wearing scarfs with everything.”

Spoiledvenus: “Best: butterfly clips, crop tops, juicy couture tracksuits. Worst: skirts & dresses over flared jeans, capris, chunky highlights.”

Brunette2000sbitch: “Best style: low rise jeans, belly piercings/waist chains, tiny tee shirts with logos/phrases. Worst style: wearing dresses over your outfits, scarves, ugly tank tops trying to pass as a dress.”

Early2000babes: “The worst would be thin eyebrows and orange tans! The best would be juicy tracksuits, Von Dutch hats, and the iconic quotes on shirts.”

Popculturediedin2009: “Worst? None really come to mind. Even the most visually repulsive looks have a certain charm to them in retrospect. The best? I’m a sucker for Boho Chic, of course. I also loved the little headband phase all the it-girls went through, Mischa and Nicole and Lindsay.”

Blondestuckinthe2000s: “My personal favorite trends are Juicy Couture tracksuits, all the sequins, and all the pink. My least favorite trend was probably the over layering..The dresses over jeans and dresses over leggings was just god awful.”

Do You Think The Early 2000s Are Making A Comeback?

Bella.Lombardi: “Yes! I definitely think it is since I’m seeing more and more 2000s fashions in online stores and 2000s pop cultured icons are coming back into the scene. My goal is to bring it back.”

Spoiledvenus: “The early 2000s are absolutely making a comeback! Bands getting back together, cast reunions, the revival of fashion trends – so much of that is coming back into mainstream culture. Maybe because it’s a refreshing change of pace, maybe it’s just pure nostalgia but the 2000s are back in a big way.”

Brunette2000sbitch: “I think so! Especially with all the early 2000s social media accounts influencing them. We see girls wearing barrettes, platforms, mini skirts, it’s just modified for today’s time!”

Early2000babes: “I feel like it slowly is! And in the future I think it will be a trend! I’m starting to see a lot of girls on Instagram being influenced by the early 2000s. Like this girl [links Bella Lombardi’s profile.]”

Popculturediedin2009: “Slowly but surely, yes. At first I saw a lot of specific pieces, like the velour tracksuits, being revived ironically, but I’m noticing some overall styles returning as of late.”

Blondestuckinthe2000s: “Yes! As I said earlier I think trends, brands, music, etc. from the 2000s is definitely making a comeback but with a modern spin on it! I think pop culture whether it is fashion, music, movies, & trends are a vicious cycle. They always come back around at some point but with a spin on them to fit more to the times. I think nostalgia plays an important role in why trends always come back around!”

From those interviews I have made a somewhat simplistic answer to my question: The early 2000s were special. The 2000s remind people of a time where you could be outrageous with your style, and there is a carefree attitude the 2000s had that I’m sure a lot of people miss. I think a lot of people also just like to look back at posts of Lindsey Lohan calling Paris Hilton a”cunt” like a scrapbook. It’s nostalgia at the core of it.

Also, thank you to everyone who let me interview them. I’m really happy and pleased with how the interviews played out.

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