An Ode To New Talents

The beauty of the fashion industry is that it’s built off of new talent and ideas. Fashion wouldn’t be the same if designers put out the same collection each year. We need new faces, new talents, and new critics. Otherwise, fashion wouldn’t be able to function.

With that being said, here is a list of four people that are new in the fashion industry that I think have huge potential.

1.) Bella Lombardi

Bella Lombard is a model and a soon-to-be it girl. What makes Bella standout from all the other models on instagram is her bright, nostalgic style. It’s like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Hilary Duff’s closets in 2005 had a threesome, and Bella’s sense of style is the lovechild. I mean that in the most flattering way possible.

She has even been reposted by companies like Dolls Kill and Goodbye Bread for showcasing her cute, early 2000’s inspired style. Her instagram is filled with recreations of iconic looks like Britney Spears’s ‘Dump Him’ outfit or Elle Wood’s bunny costumes. Bella is someone to pay attention to if you love diys and lookbooks. Speaking of lookbooks, on her YouTube channel she has is filled with lookbooks filled with them- along with other content too, of course. From ‘clueless/scream queens lookbookto LIVING IN THE 2000S FOR A DAY , there is plenty of content for people who love that shimmery time in 2005.

Bella Lombardi recreating Britney Spears’s ‘Dump Him’ outfit and Elle Woods bunny costume.

Bella Lombardi’s Instagram and Twitter.

2.) Elizabeth Dimitria

Elizabeth Dimitria is the designer and founder of her own clothing and accessories line ‘Lil Uglies.’ Lil Uglies are these stylish, face designs that can appear on clothes, phone cases. etc. Personally, I adore the designs. It’s like a perfect medium between art and fashion. In other words, it’s brilliant. Her designs have been worn by blogger Nycbambi, previously mentioned Bella Lombardi, YouTuber Orion Carloto, and PrettyMuch member Edwin Honoret.

Left to Right: NycBambi, Bella Lombardi, Orion Carloto, and Edwin Honoret.

Her designs are sold on TeeChip and I highly recommend purchasing something. Shirts, sweatshirts, and phone cases range from $15 to $35.

Elizabeth Dimitria’s Instagram and Twitter. Lil Uglies’s Instagram

3.) Aaron Philip

Aaron Philip is a black, transgender, disabled model from New York. Not only is she the most popular person on this list, she also has huge potential to be our next supermodel. I genuinely see huge potential in Aaron and clearly I’m not the only one. Aaron has modeled for Paper Magazine and ASOS, after being discovered on Twitter in 2017.

Aaron has also been the subject of flattering articles from ELLE UK, Vice, and CNN. In my unauthorized opinion, Aaron has such it girl potential and I can’t wait to see how her career plays out.

Aaron Philip Instagram and Twitter

4.) HauteLeMode/Luke Meagher

Luke Meagher is a self-proclaimed “fashion commuter and meme queen.” If you are looking for informative and well researched videos about fashion then I truly recommend HauteLeMode. There is such a lack of well researched content in the fashion community, so trust me when I say HauteLeMode is breath of fresh air. He has over 70k on his instagram where he posts fashion related memes and 200,000 on his YouTube channel.

An example of HauteLeMode’s content

HauteLeMode has had massive growth over 2018, so imagine the same to continue in 2019. Regardless, HauteLeMode and Luke Meagher is someone you definitely need to keep up with.

HauteLeMode’s Instagram and Twitter.

In conclusion, everyone on this short list is super talented in their own right and deserve success. Super wholesome, I know. If there is anyone that you think I should keep my eye on, my twitter and instagram are linked below.



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