Why Vogue Is Dying

Ah, Vogue. Once recognized as the fashion bible for all style disciples, and for good reason of course. Vogue created iconic, memorable moments for the fashion industry and was used as inspiration for many notable figures. Being on the cover, or even inside, a Vogue issue means something; or did, which bring us to the topic of this essay.  Continue reading “Why Vogue Is Dying”

The Bare Minimum

Men, on the red carpet, are boring. That’s just the truth, and everyone knows its the truth. How many times have you seen an award show or gala or something that involves celebrities dressing up meeting at one event? In those events, galas, awards shows, etc how many times have you seen a man wear a black and white suit? I’m assuming more than you can count.


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Collages I Made! 💐

This is going to be a very short post, prepare yourself.

I really like making collages or edits on my phone, and apparently a lot of you guys like my collages too. So I made some specifically for readers of Girl In Couture. Although this list is tiny, I’m truly grateful for all 3 of my readers. I’m kidding, kinda.

Hope you girlies like them!

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